Loss of Biodiversity

Loss of Biodiversity

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1. Three reasons that diversity of life is important to people.

A) The timber that is cut from our forest is used for shelter, heat the very air we breathe depends on the forest and its stability.
B) The forest supplies with timber to sell, and the ocean to fish for living. The soil contains many valuable minerals.
C) The forest and Ocean have always supplied us with lots to eat and more. Unless managed properly there may be nothing left for future generations to enjoy,

3. The David Suzuki foundation has said that at the current rate of extinction is at the point where we are all endangering the existence of all living things. We are losing at least one percent of exiting species per decade.We are currenly loosing two species every hour, which is 2,500 times greater than the rate due to other natural clauses.

4. Three ways that biodiversity can affect us here in Newfoundland and Labrador is:
A) If we lose one particular species, it can result in the loss of another, and so continues the chain. This could eventually result in an entire collapse in our province's biodiversity.
B) Our economy relies heavily on its biodiversity for economic reasons (seafood, moose, caribou, etc). The loss of biodiversity could result in economic losses for our province.
C) Many homes in our province rely on our biodiversity for food. Fisherman would be at a loss without fish, and hunters would be at a loss without moose/caribou, rabbit, and so on.

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