Loss of Humanity

Loss of Humanity

´╗┐Alarming lost of humanity in the Spokane Police Department.

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation into an officer-involved shooting that happened Monday night in the area of 7th and Hatch.

Around 7:00 Monday night police received a call from a local business saying a disgruntled employee had just left the business with a weapon. The police were told by the caller that the man was making suicidal comments. Police were able to locate the maroon van the man was driving shortly after and once the man saw police, he sped away.

The man crashed his van after a pursuit and it landed on it's side on 7th between Hatch and Sherman. He remained in the vehicle and refused to come out. We are told the man had a gun, although we are still working to find out exactly what kind of gun, but because he was armed, the SWAT team was called in and a standoff ensued.

Negotiators tried to talk the man out, but were unsuccessful.

Just before 8:30pm, shots were fired by officers, the man in the van was hit and killed. The identity of the man has not been released, but we're told he was in his 40's and from the area.

This is what Spokane, WA wants you to think. But the fact is that most of the above is false. Around 7:00pm an employee at SL start received a call from a distressed co-worker who was under the influence of alcohol he insinuated that he had shotgun and bullets and was ready to end his life. The immensely distraught employee made a negotiation for the distressed co-worker to come to SL start and meet her outside to talk with her. An hour passed with no words. She got a call from the co-worker saying he was outside. At the time she was with a resident and was unable to come outside at the moment. Ten minutes later when she was done with the resident she and another worker ran outside to meet him. By the time they went outside they did not see him. They waited outside to see if would drive by. When...

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