Lost and Found (a Subtle Love Story)

Lost and Found (a Subtle Love Story)

A golden cruise drifts through the night sky, sailing the cosmos. The sands of time begin to rise back up, memories reignite and once again I found myself wandering across the cold blue desert of five hundred million stars. Yet I know we’ll meet again, someday on the same road.

... … ……..

Lynn found herself walking on a crowded pavement. Vehicles passed by swiftly on the streets, the noisy works and busy murmur in a sea of people just made this world seem a monochrome hue around her. A contractor yelled orders at his workers, a bunch of secondary scholars walked together making jokes, a child cried because his mother refused to buy him an ice-cream, and a ragged beggar sat by a wall, his worn-out hat containing not more than a few bucks and coins – and Lynn walked by to contribute the little she could afford to him, taking a little pleasure in seeing him smile. She continued in her footsteps.

The hustle and bustle used to be less in the past, but in a sense the world hadn’t changed much – life just goes on ignorantly, and people are so into what they are doing that it seems mundane. In these teenage years there are so many challenges – basically revolving around schoolwork, responsibilities, achievements, expectations and conflict with people. Every once in awhile one is overwhelmed with insecurity, and an unknown fear looms within one’s heart. Sometimes, we even wonder why others can be so carefree; could this be due to pessimism in us? Or is it because we take things more seriously than others? Sometimes we just want time to come to a standstill because we don’t know what to do, but the hands of time always scratch away our minutes. A hollow feeling freely gnawed at Lynn’s heart now.

As Lynn walked on, she observed the sun setting in the western horizon and the rising moon faintly glowing. Just then, the buildings and people around her vanished, only a small winding path lined with stand-lamps lay before the girl, leading to an unknown...

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