Lost Bolts to Gangstergrip

Lost Bolts to Gangstergrip

What’s wrong is still wrong!
And that is never going to change!

This ease explains the circumstances of the events that lead up to it. What I thought, and some of what I felt, and/or still feel.

It all started at Y.T.A.,” I thought it would be a good idea to swap out a collapsible pistol grip in exchange for a pistol grip bipod on my M320 grenade launcher that was attached to my M4 carbon. “BAD IDEA” To do this you must remove the pistol grip that is located on the bottom rail of the M320 grenade launcher with two small 7mm allen key bolts. So I took off the collapsible pistol grip with the supplied allen key and mounted my own pistol grip bipod. I then placed both of the screws within a pouch that is within my weapons cleaning kit.

After all my supposed “high speed” ideas were put into action. It was time to go test the M320 grenade launcher. So I walked my happy ass down to the firing line where we were instructed to stand bye in the freezing balls cold while the other platoons finished there practice shots. After they were thru it was fourth platoons turn to start lobbing the 40mm rounds down range. The first two M320 gunners stepped up and began the practice fire. When I stepped up to fire my portion of the rounds that were evenly distributed throughout the M320 gunners. SGT noticed I had made a modification to the pistol grip and thru better investigation realized it was a bipod pistol grip. He kind of laughed and asked me if I thought it was actually a good idea. After my reply witch was of course “YES” he call me a jackass “1st clue I should have put it back to the stock manner in witch I got it” in a “what seemed to me” jokingly manner. I continued on with the mission at hand “Y.T.A.” as if nothing negative had happened.

About a week after we returned from our successful Y.T.A. mission it was time to do a complete detailed weapons cleaning. It was then I first noticed that the bipod pistol grip that was given to...

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