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Steven Shin
Mr. Milosch

The Reformation: A history

The book call ‘The Reformation: A history” written by Diarmaid MacCulloch gives many specific information and facts about the reformation. The reformation is one of the most important thing that happened in the history of Christianity. The reformation lasted from 1400 through 1700, causing Christianity to change in unpredictable ways that continue to resonate in modern religion, culture and politics.

Diarmaid MacCulloch who is a fellow of St. Cross College, Oxford, and a professor of the history of the Church at Oxford University, mainly discusses about the history of the Reformation and Counter- Reformation. He also argues that there were many reformation movements in many areas in many different time period. To support his opinion he includes many information on portions of Europe and important themes.

He explains that the Reformation movement was all about rediscovering about “Catholic” that has lost its purpose long time ago. He says it was tactic of political and religious movement to postulate the existence of a problem and offering a solution. So personally, he thinks that Catholic church was doing the wrong thing and positively thinks that Reformation was necessary and played a big role in Christianity.

The bad thing about this book was that it was too massive for me to read. Honestly I couldn’t finish reading because it was 750+ pages. But I managed to scheme it through and get the main point what author was trying to say. For me, I think that the author just put too much information about the things that weren’t necessary. Not only about the Reformation, but he also explained many people, places, and events that moved on during the period of Reformation.

If I were to suggest this book to the others, I totally would. This book explains about Reformation deeply. The author does not only explain about the surface but goes really deep inside the topic. However...

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