Love and Friendship - by Emile Bronte

Love and Friendship - by Emile Bronte

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Love and Friendship

Love and friendship is written by Emily Bronte in (DATE).  In the following poem, she asks throughout each Stanza "which is the most preperable?"

In the first Stanza, she starts by saying "Love is like the wild rose-briar" as here she is representing love, as the rose itself is a naturally beautiful but on the otherhand the briar is prickly and dangerous.  So already we have the impression that love - is bitter sweet.  Something to avoid but something to love.  Then Bronte then continues by describing friendship, comparing it to a "holly tree" as it's always green, no matter the condition as it never dies out, always will live.

Also friendships gradually builds as you will find more and more but you will always have one love.  Emily finishes the first Stanza by asking on retanical question, which will last longer, but which will bloom most constanly?"

In the next part of the poem, she is describing changes in her life, by using season.  She starts by saying about love, new love and how its pleasant and "sweet" at the beginning.  The wild-rose briar is sweet in the sping "As know, spring is a time of new life, a beginning to sdomething new".  Bronte continues by suggesting that love at the start is exciting positive and most of all strong.  Its summer blossoms scent the air as love blossoms as feelings get greater, as people build and work on there love.  On the other-hand, asw love continues, times can be hard, but will love last through situations like these - "yet wait till winter comes again".  As she endsthis Stanza, she demands that love should be replaced with friendship, as through hard times, friends will always be there.


meaning (: Friendship will support you more than love.

                  Its not a sad thing that love should be rejected (:

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