Love Essay

Love Essay

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Love is a powerful feeling that affects everybody. It is an abstract noun. People will have different views on love. They might think love is a bad thing and a good thing. It all depends on your experience about love. William Shakespeare once said ‘love is a spirit of all compact of fire.’ This means that love can be like a burning fire, which possesses the soul which remains in your spirit. There are many symbols of love heart, roses, red, cupid etc.


‘Women to her lover’ written by Walsh has a voice of a strong women who rejects every stereotypes that people have of women as this is conveyed in the first three versus ‘to make me of a bondslave.’ This suggests that a woman is a man’s prize in war. ‘Slave’ she has no right to speak and is controlled by her lover. In the title the ‘women’ is placed first which indicates that she is in power and in control. Walsh uses imperative verbs ‘Go!’ this depicts that she is serious giving it a harsh tone. The lines are shortened to show her feelings ‘no servant will I be,’ indicating the sharp tone she is using and she doesn’t want to be treated like all the other women in Victorian times. Since women in those times were considered the weaker sex. Similarly in the poem ‘When we Two Parted’ written by Byron versus are shortened to show his anger ‘sorrow to this’ illustrates that he doesn’t care what she wants and he doesn’t want to care. The poet uses rhetorical questions to put across his point in the poem ‘First Love’ written by John Clare ‘is love’s bed always snow?’ showing a sign of rejection. Sonnet is a good way to show your love and how you feel. Rossetti did in ‘Remember.’ In the poem she uses lots m’s and polysyllabic giving it a gentle sound. The title is repeated all the way through the poem. The. She uses euphemism ‘silent land’ which makes the poem more peaceful. The first octaves of the line have a different meaning and the sestet is a change of idea. This is similarly done in ‘Women to...

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