love hate

love hate

Joshua Jackson
Ochs English 101
“Love and Hate”

Honestly I am not sure where to start when it comes to the discussion of love and hate. I will do the best I can to express my opinions on the writing topic.

When It comes to love I feel as if we have lost almost all understanding of what real love is. As humans we need to regain that understanding. We claim we love everything from our phones, to our house, but how can we love something that isn’t even a living thing. Love has been used in so many different ways that it has become sad. These days one might claim that they love someone and then treat them wrong. The question is do they honestly understand love? Love to me is when a father or a mother first holds their newborn baby or when you marry your soul mate.

Hate is something that is also extremely misused in today’s society. Today we use the word hate, which is probably the most evil emotion of them all as a joke. We tell our friends we hate them and then laugh like it’s all fun and games. Children today tell their parents and family members that they hate them not knowing how much damage it can cause to one’s subconscious mind. I think hate is a curse to one’s soul, because you have to have the lowest of feeling of negative energy to hate someone. Most people don’t even pay attention to the actual hate that goes on today in our world. The most obvious examples of hate is when you hate someone because of their religion, or their race, or because of one’s financial status and where one lives.

To conclude this argument I feel as if one has love on their side they can conquer any and every form of hate because love is indeed the supreme emotion. Humans should love each other because I feel like god put us all here to coexist. We need ot grow up and get along.

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