Love in Many Languages

Love in Many Languages

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Ai, armor, amore, die liebe, liefde, and laska all mean the same thing… to love. Defined by Merriam Webster as “a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” Loves’ roots come from Middle English from Old English, lufu; akin to Old High German, luba, back to Latin, lubere, which means to please. Its orgins trace back to the twelfth century. Love really has no set definition but it can be broken down into a few categories: teenage, broken, real, just to name a few.

Do you remember your first love? How it made you feel just seeing that person’s face or hearing their voice? This love is the backbone of the future relationships. All or nothing is how it went down. Giving up anything just to be with that person for the shortest amount of time and yet you would be the happiest person in the world for that moment in time. This love will forever be locked away in the prison cell of memories we call a heart. Your emotions are true and untainted. The littlest things meant the most to you. It is all new to you, the feelings exciting and scary at the same time. Looking back on it now you realize how silly and dramatic things were. You know no better but to give it you are all only to be devastated when it ends.
What happens when it does end, than what do you have? Broken love, it does not just have to be from your first, but most hang on to the first love over most any. The other person moves on and you could never think about it. Your love, life, everything… gone in a flash and now it feels like you are on a stranded island with no help ever coming. Every relationship has its lifetime, but you thought yours was different. Broken love is one, if not the, worst feelings anyone could go through. It is like being caught out in a hurricane without anywhere to run or hide. Broken love is having your heart ripped out from where you stand and totted around town, being displayed to everyone for their amusement. There is no getting over...

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