Love Letter

Love Letter

February 10, 2010
Re: Valentine’s Day and how I truly feel about you!

My dearest Sedkeithdrick,

How is my sweet lovely one on this day? My sweet love, I want you to know that I love you dearly and I always will. With the light of love as my guide, the feather of angels as my pen, and the blood of Aphrodite as ink, I weave my thoughts for you.

Because I Love you, I wont hurt you, I wont be unfaithful, and I’ll be yours, if you let me, I’ll give you the key to my heart because I Love you too much, I wont let you go, in the dark, because I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. In my rose you’re my thorns, who protect me from those who propose, getting ripped off is not what I want, so I thank you for what you have done.

Love is bittersweet like a honeysuckle,
but sharp like a knife that comes slow and leaves quickly.
You're told you'll never know what love is,
only because it’s different every time.
You don't realize that it is love until it’s gone,
and when it’s gone it will come back.
But only if it wouldn't change.
Love changes like seasons,
it changes because the heart beats stronger as it breaks and heals time after time.
Once broken the heart can’t see love as clearly because it has the fear of being broken over again
but it also longs for the tenderness that love once brought and will bring again.

My heart longs for you. It longs to leap at the sound of your voice. Longs for the joy of your smile. Longs for your love, respect and adoration to flow, as I gently kiss your Lips. My heart longs to be warmed when you hold me in your arms. It longs to feel the passion as I caress your face, stare into your beautiful eyes and tenderly kiss you. My heart longs to see our love for one another grow as we sit on the couch sharing our love for one another. It longs to express my love for you as I rub your leg while we talk. My heart longs to be calmed and comforted as I lovingly kiss and caress your bare arms. My...

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