Love Me Love Me Not

Love Me Love Me Not

Love Me…Love me Not

Love is a devoted attachment to others, or tender or passionate affection for, one of the opposite sex. Love should be taking very seriously. The question is would you marry for love or money. Some would chose money but I choose love. I would choose to marry for love because it’s the key to happiness and I would feel wrong if I didn’t.

Marrying for money can cause lots of drama. It means that your not depending on anything but money in the relationship. Yes, money is important but it should not over power love. Love can take you so many places. Love can lead you to money. As a young female, I do not depend on any guy to give me money. Getting to know someone and falling in love with them is what I want to strive for. Love puts you on cloud nine. It gives you a close bond with you significant other. Love makes marriages last longer. Money can rapidly send a marriage downhill. Take celebrities for example, some people marry them, get there money and leave. That is not what marriage is about. Marriage is about love for better or for worst.

I would feel so evil if I were to use a man for his money. Love is indeed the key to happiness. Being in a marriage without love can cause stress and boredom. You would be stressed because you may not get money from your spouse when you want it. You would be bored because there wouldn’t be anything to talk about but money. Married couples should be able talk to each other about anything, spend quality time together, and etc. Basically, No one should put there self in a dependent situation with marriage. Both should be independent and make their own money. Again the key to a good marriage is love.

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