Love - Short Essay

Love - Short Essay

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Love is sacrifice. A mother is a person who gives life and brings one life into this world, gives unconditional love for her children without any limitations and is willing to give up her life in order to say her child. I know one who did that.

Sally, a housewife had a perfect husband and lived in a wonderful house. However, her deep desire is to have a child to complete the family. Despite endeavouring for years, she failed to get pregnant. Her husband suggested to visit the doctors and specialists to get their opinions and suggestions on how to conceive. It was then the doctors told her that she was diagnosed with infertility. She was devasted and crushed at the news, she despaired. Yet she felt she would not give up. She asked the specialists, find ways to conceived, and said numerous prayers in tears. Months later, miraculously, her prayers were answered, she managed to conceive. She and her husband was exuberant over the happy news.

In the following months, she took every precaution for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. It seemed to go well till one day, she experienced a tremendous pain and blood slipped down her legs. She was rushed to hospital and in the delivery room, the doctors told her that it was a premature and difficult delivery. Then, a heavier blow came. The doctors told Sally and her husband that either the child or the mother could be saved as both the child and the mother were in a dangerous situation. Her husband wanted the doctors to save the child - the symbol of their love. The time for decision making was crucial. In the end, the final decision was to save the child's life at the mother's impassioned pleas. It was a crucial moment in the operating theatre as the doctors fight to save the child's life. Hours passed and it seemed an eternity. Baby wailing were heard. A baby was born. Yet, Sally, the mother, laid on the operating room bed - dead. She had given her life in order to save the child, her love.

How would I know so...

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