In Class Assignment

Love is powerful, blind, unconditional, and we have no control over it. Lust is a temporary feeling towards someone, it is also what brings people together that can sometimes eventually turn into love. In order to fall in love I feel that you must have a lust for someone before you can love him or her. “I love you” differs from “I care about you”, because “love,” means that you feel 10 times more for that person than someone you care about.

There is so much friction between men and women today because they don’t understand how different they are emotionally. The way men deal with problems compared to women and also have different emotional needs from what they are dealing with. Women like to express their feelings and talk about their problems, like venting. Men on the other hand tend to not talk about it like women do they’d rather figure out to themselves how to fix their problem without involving a second party. I feel that men tend to not ask for help, questions, advice, because it makes them look weak and their main goal is to have their partner admire them for the way they achieve their goals.

Today I feel that a lot of people think some marriages are a joke because of their sexual preference and the ones that move to fast. I feel that the couples move to fast and they make the next step without really thinking about what and how big the commitment is to get married. Many celebrities use their marriages as a quick way to get money, by have at TV special about it and then between a 1-3 years that same couple divorces. Many people do no accept same sex marriages and think that even though in some states it is legal they do not count it as a real marriage.

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