Loved and Lost

Loved and Lost

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Loved and Lost.

Jaylene Sall

Collapsing on the cold tile floor, hands shaking and my heart is breaking. As makeup filled tears stream down my cheeks and splash onto the ground, I continuously ask myself why? You and I were the perfect couple. The one everyone envied and wished they could be. It was all gone in a matter of seconds. Together for two years and this is what I get, a shattered torn heart because you decided to let temptations get a hold of you and reel you in. It all started so perfectly the night we met replays in my mind so vividly as I lay here broken.

The first meeting; my eyes begin to wander, the once bright red lights slowly fade into a fuzz. Rain thumping on the windshield, trying to get inside. My brain is deep in thought. The taillights in front of me begin to fade and move away, so I follow. Not sure of their destination, only my own. Approaching the place I’ve been longing for I start to slow and my breath begins to pick up. As I hear a loud thump they call a heartbeat. I realize that it is my own. Collecting my thoughts and keeping my cool I slowly pace up the stairs. Not knowing who will be here or if anyone is here at all. I hear the loud sounds of laughter on this cool dark summer night; this answers my previous question. As I slowly saunter up the stairs I catch eyes with known as well as unknown faces. Greeted with warm “hello’s”. One in particular catches my eyes as well as my ears. An unknown boy with messy brown hair, a flannel shirt on, and ripped jeans greets me with a smile. Unexpected words start spewing out of his mouth “Are you a princess? I would love to take you to a ball” Not sure what to think, flattered yet confused. Wondering if he is joking or in fact being serious. He reaches for my hand and gives it a kiss. I giggled. This was you, not long ago.

From that night on we had been inseparable. Spending each and every single day together. I will always remember the way your breath smelt in the...

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