Lovely Bones Soundtrack

Lovely Bones Soundtrack

Gus Graef
English period 6
The Lovely Bones: The Soundtrack
I. Susie Salmon, All That I’ve Got by The Used
A. This song relates to Susie Salmon because it has the conation of some one who was hurt or even killed. It also talks about how they are lonely which she is when she is separated from her family while she is in heaven. And wen it says “It’s all that I’ve got” it makes me think of Susie think how all she has is her every desire in heaven except for the one she desires most, her family.

II. Lindsey Salmon, I’m Not Invisible by Rocket From the Crypt
A. This song relates to Lindsey Salmon because it is talking about rebellion and wanting to get away which you get the idea of after the death of her sister. It says that “we gata go” which reminds of how she leaves with her boyfriend, Samuel. Also how it says “I’m not invisible” it reminds me of how she got annoyed how it was always Susie-fest and every one forgot about her.

III. Murder and Rape of Susie, Scream! By The Misfits
A. The song Scream! Relates to the murder and rape of Susie because it talks about screaming which she obviously did when the assault occurred. It also refers to trying to break free and that is exactly what Susie did when Mr. Harvey attacked her.

IV. Overcoming Loss, Amazing Grace by Flogging Molly
A. This song relates to the theme of overcoming loss because it has that melancholy and doleful sound. Also the lyrics famous song talk about be ing down and being brought back up. You can almost see a montage go ing on while this song plays of the different family member and friends tryi ng to deal with the loss of Susie. For instance you could see Her father falling into a depression but getting out of it by becoming very connected with his young son Buckley.

V. A Housing Development, Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds
A. This song perfectly represents a housing development because it talks about a hillside...

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