Lovely Bones Themes

Lovely Bones Themes

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Task 1: Rising Actions:
Read the following keywords describing several main events in the rising action. Write a sentence which explains the importance of each event and set the sentences out in a chart.

Pendant What jack gives suzie and her sister as a gift.
Gifted Samual and Lindsay meet at a gifted kids institute = gift was Samual and vice versa… how to plan the perfect murder….Her and samual get jiggy under boat.
Beaten Jack with a baseball bat goes into the cornfields leading to Harveys house accidentally injuring another girl as he is very disillusioned.
Exploration Lindsey goes into Mr Harveys house and steals the sketch.
Old house Samual and Lindsay find an old run down house which becomes their future home.
Heart Jack gets a heart attack and Suzie comes to be with him.
Return home Abigail returns back home when jack has had his heart attack.

The fall (=climax) Jack gets very ill – family reunites. Suzie goes into Ruth’s body – gets what she wants most to be with Ray.

Task 2: Falling action

In a sentence for each of the following characters, explain the aftermath of the rising action/climax

Jack; Abigail; Lindsay; Buckley; Ruth; Ray; Susie

Jack – Is out of the hospital and is able to return home to his wife who has returned to him.
Abigail – she returned to her husband and family and is accepting Suzies death
Lindsay – gets married to Samuel and lived in his dream house she has a baby girl and names her Abigail Suzanne.
Buckley – he grows up and starts to play the drums he is doing well with the loss of Suzie but will never forget her.
Ruth – she follows her dreams and goals of helping dead people and is the happiest she has been.
Ray – he becomes a doctor but always remembers what happened with Suzie and believes that there is more to life than science. Not everything is black and white.
Susie – completely accepted her death and is happy with the way her family has dealt with it. And is content that they will never forget...

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