LSTD207 Midterm

LSTD207 Midterm

LSTD207 Midterm

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The subject matter jurisdiction of federal courts is much more limited than that of state courts.


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Jones hires Mitchell, a lawyer, in Oregon to sue Johnson for breach of contract. He agreed to pay Mitchell $300 for his services. Mitchell did the work, but Jones left the state for California and did not pay Mitchell’s fee. Mitchell sues Jones for his fee in an Oregon state court, and has Jones served with process in Oregon while Jones was visiting there on unrelated business. Jones promptly departed once more for California and has not returned to the state since. Under personal jurisdiction, the Oregon court:

A.has personal jurisdiction over Jones

B.does not have personal jurisdiction over Jones because he was served while he was there for a purpose unrelated to the fees claim.

C.does not have personal jurisdiction over Jones because he is no longer physically present in the state.

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The minimum contacts test does not apply to corporate defendants.


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Pam was born and grew up in Pennsylvania. She went away to college in Massachusetts (her parents paid her tuition), but she always returned home to work in the summers. During her senior year, her parents moved to Virginia, and she lived there between college and law school. She is now a law student in Texas. She really likes it there and has decided to take the Texas bar exam and look for a job there after graduation. Where is Pam domiciled?

A.Pennsylvania. This is her domicile of origin and she keeps it until she is no longer a student.

B.Massachusetts. She changed her domicile when she went to live there to attend college.

C.Virginia. Her domicile changed when her parents moved there and she went to join them
D.Texas. By being...

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