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LTC 310 New Course Tutorial/ShopTutorial

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Week 5 Assignment Community Newsletter
Imagine that you and your teammates live in the same community and all of the programs and services you observed are located in this community. However, most people in your community are not aware of these programs or services. You have decided to create an informational newsletter that will be sent to every household in the community. This newsletter must provide an overview of each program or service your team observed.
Resource: Community Newsletter Grading Criteria
Write a 1,400- to 1,750- word newsletter to your community. Using your observations, provide details of the programs and services available in your community. Answer the following in your newsletter:
What specific long-term care programs and services are offered to the community?
What are the differences between social and educational programs and services? How do the services you observed fit into these categories?
How do the programs or services provide information to potential clients? What are their main methods of providing important information to the community?
How are these programs and services funded?
What effect do funding and reimbursement have on these services?
What licenses do these services have? What are some of the requirements for obtaining this licensure?
What are some current trends and issues in long-term care?
How do these programs or services fit in with these trends and issues?
Note. Newsletters should be creative, informative, and interesting. You may include graphics or pictures in your newsletter.
Submit the Community Newsletter and Observation Forms to your instructor.


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