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LTC 315 UOP Course Tutorial / ltc315dotcom

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CheckPoint: Annotated Bibliography
As part of the writing process, you will refine your premise several times. Before you eliminate any sources, you should create a record of your research in case you decide to revisit an idea. An annotated bibliography tracks your research and compiles summaries of each source. These summaries are valuable resources for writing your final paper.
• Due Day 3 [Individual forum]
•Resources: Finding, Evaluating, and Utilizing Credible Information; Appropriate Style Guidelines; the Center for Writing Excellence; and the completed Appendix D
•Review the sample annotated bibliography at the Center for Writing Excellence at
• Review the examples of reference sources at the Center for Writing Excellence at
• Complete an annotated bibliography of the sources you plan to use in your research paper.
• Answer the following question: What must you do to convert the annotated bibliography to an APA-formatted reference page as part of the rough draft of your research paper?
• Post the annotated bibliography as an attachment.


LTC 315 Week 1 Individual Assignment Living Environments Worksheet

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Complete the Living Environments Worksheet. In the worksheet, you are required to identify and describe the progression of five different types of living environments for the aging population. You also answer questions regarding your familiarity with these environments and your opinions about their importance....

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