Luxury V/S Economical Car Market

Luxury V/S Economical Car Market

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‘STRATEGY’ means to decide where a company wants to be in near future and how they plan to get there. In clear terms “this is what we want to do and this is how we intend to do it” (Armstrong, 2006). ‘Human Resource Management’ is the function that is included in the company which looks after the recruitment of the employees and also guides people in the organisation and also help them to work efficiently and effectively in the organisation. “Strategic HRM is a set of fundamental or critical choices about the ends and means of business.” (Child, 1972, cited by Armstrong, 2006). A key objective of HR strategy is to guide the process by which organizations develop and organize human, social, and organizational capital to enhance their competitiveness. ( Cornell University,2007). Strategic HRM is basically the normal approach undertaken by the company with the help of the Human resource Management in accordance with the intentions of the company on the future directions it wants to take. It is concerned with both human capital requirements and the development of process capabilities, that is, the ability to get things done effectively. Overall, it deals with any major people issues that affect or are affected by the strategic plans of the organization (Armstrong, 2006). But even today Strategic HRM does not lie in the formal process of the company.
Following are the Case Studies which critically elaborate link between Human Resource Management and Business Strategies. The main purpose of this case study is to discuss some of the main features and trends in human resources (HR) strategy in the Indian Market



MERCEDES BENZ: Company Profile

Daimler & Chrysler entered Indian market in 1994 and established MERCEDES BENZ INDIA Ltd. DaimlerChrysler is aware of the future probable of the Indian automobile market and the tremendous economic power this country can generate. With the aim to serve our...

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