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Ma Writing

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Writing Tips

1. Subject/verb agreement

* Example 1: One of the students prepares the presentation.

* Example 2: Robert Enterprises is a private company.

2. Correct use of tenses

* Be consistent in the use of tenses (present/past) within a sentence or a paragraph.

* Ensure the correct use of present tense (general truth/daily activities) and past tense (old cases/past events).

3. Spelling mistakes

* Proofread the scripts before submission.

* Example: ‘accept’ vs. ‘except’

4. Sentence fragments (incomplete sentences)

* Use conjunctions properly and do not write incomplete sentences.

* Sentence fragment is a sentence that lacks a subject/a verb (or both)/a complete idea.

* Wrong: After the rain stopped. (Then what?)

* Correct: The rain stopped.

5. Parts of speech

* 8 parts of speech: Verb, noun, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction and interjection.

* Example: The banks made a huge loss (noun) and the investors lost (verb) a lot of money.

6. Articles

* Indefinite: ‘a’ and ‘an’; Definite: ‘the’

* No article: When you are referring to general things/ideas.

7. Academic language

* Pay attention to the writing style as well as usage of specific vocabulary.

8. Margins

* Leave margins, especially right margin for the markers to write the comments and marks.

9. Complete sentences

* Try to use complete sentences instead of phrases when you are answering essay questions.

Additional Tips for Writing Assignment

10. Spell check and grammar check

* Use the auto-checking function available in Word.

11. General presentation

* Type the assignments and ensure font consistency.

* Always proofread the hard copy.

* State the subject code, student name and number on the front page.

(A Powerpoint presentation...

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