Macbeth Information

Macbeth Information

Chase Kinley
Mrs. Gnulfsen
November 21, 2008
English IV



My Impressions of the Characters in Act I

My impressions on the characters in act one seem like they are very good people. King Duncan seems like a good man who can rule a country and keep his men in line. Macbeth seems brave yet conniving when he starts to plot his plan for power. Lady Macbeth seems like a loving wife who tells her husband what to do and how to do it. Banquo appears to be a good hearted man who can be a great friend and a brave warrior.
I feel that these characters get along great with each other and live happily with each other. I have a fear that Macbeth will somehow rank up to king by plotting some twisted plan by Lady Macbeth.

Everything is Changing

Ok, my thoughts on how this story would turn out have been horribly wrong. Macbeth has gone mad with power. If only his lust for power wouldn’t be so strong he wouldn’t have plotted to kill Banquo. I feel that Macbeth’s rain of terror will soon come to an end.

My Thoughts on Macbeth

Macbeth was a great tale of a power hungry man going to extreme limits for power then slowly turning friends to enemies and then his downfall commences. It has many key points in the story that I enjoyed like when MacDuff wasn’t really born by his mother, but a c-section was done. I also liked how the Birnan Woods moved across the land to prove to Macbeth that his end is coming. He thought he wasn’t beatable till his visions were coming clearer and clearer by the second.

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