Macbeth Letter

Macbeth Letter

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Dear Macbeth,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the condition of Lady Macbeth. I am concerned about her welfare and she is showing signs of psychological trauma.

A few days ago a gentlewomen observed Lady Macbeth sleepwalking, and consulted me. I then also noticed Lady Macbeth sleepwalking and desperately cleansing her hands of the blood of Duncan and the Macduff’s family. Still in her sleep, Lady Macbeth asked, “what, will these hands ne’re be clean?” foreseeing that she will never be of peace of mind. She also retold events of the day Duncan was murdered. It seemed that she was regretting her decision in helping, and her involvement with the murder of Duncan and appeared to be very distraught.

I am aware that Lady Macbeth may be suffering from extreme guilt of the act of murder against Duncan. I overheard her confessing this crime in her sleep. I am worried that she may cause self-harm or commit suicide. Her mental and physical condition is deteriorating rapidly. She is also experiencing terrifying dreams and goes in and out of delirious visions.

She is in great need of spiritual help; there is nothing I can give her to make her better. I assure you that Lady Macbeth’s condition is emotional and nothing that I do, will help her in any way.

Macbeth, I disagree with your actions concerning the death of Banquo, Duncan and Macduff’s family. I do not purely blame you for your actions, as from what I have heard, Lady Macbeth influenced you in your decision making and has as much to do with the murders of these lives as do you. You betrayed your friends and killed innocent people.

I believe that you shouldn’t have taken such drastic measures to be King. There is much more to life than being able to take command. I understand that you may have committed these crimes because Lady Macbeth repeatedly told you that you weren’t a real man, and you wanted to show her that you were, but it is still inexcusable of what you did.

I also...

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