Macro analysis

Macro analysis Analysis
Tiffany Reece
ITT Technical College is a Facebook led start up, that brings together technology leaders, nonprofits, and local communities to help connect the part of the world that does not have access to internet. They currently are helping to provide access to free basic services where internet is less affordable which is allowing people to have access to health, employment, and local information with data charges. They also provide a lab to help develop ways to make affordable internet for those communities that cannot afford it.
I believe that the services would be free to those who are in desperate need of the services that they are providing for those who are less fortunate. However, it will not be free for those who are providing it. It will come at a cost to them. They would most likely have to front the cost for the bandwidth being uses, setting up the towers in order to have the connectivity being used, and other costs that go along with ISPs. Most likely it will start off as the people behind the scenes of and all of its operators paying for it, but then I believe that as the demand for these service increases they will have to find a way not only to supply the quantity demanded but also find the funds to back it up.
The impact on ISPs would probably be somewhat damaging since some services will be free which would be causing them to lose money. However, the internet service providers will also most likely increase their pricing for those people who wish to have additional capabilities in surfing the web for anything other than what the free basic services provide.
I believe the impact would start off as short term but over time develop into long term because of the money that initially the ISPs would be losing out on. They wouldn’t be able to charge as much starting off because of the free basic service for people to access the vital information that they are looking for....

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