Macro Environment at Ups

Macro Environment at Ups

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| Organisational Contexts and Performance |
| |
Assignment 1 Macro level external analysis | Module Code: BC260001D |
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Organisational Contexts and Performance
Table of Contents
Page No.

1 Executive Summary 2

2 Introduction 3

3 Methodology 4

4 UPS and the world around it!
4.1: Exploring the past 5
4.2: PEST 7
4.3: SWOT 8
4.4: Porters five forces 9

5 Conclusions 11

6 Recommendations 12

7 References 13

8 Bibliography 14

Appendices: - Appendix 1 Extract from UPS Policy Book

1: Executive Summary
This report is an exercise in identification and analysis of the external environmental and market factors currently affecting and likely to affect UPS in the future. The author will evaluate how UPS has positioned itself to deal with issues identified through external factor analysis and includes recommendations based on observations of business performance of the execution of UPS current strategic choices.
The brief for this assignment was designed to focus the author on the areas of secondary sources and the research techniques required to critically review literature-surrounding UPS. Also to develop macro or high level ideas about how UPS has developed strategies to perform in the changing context of the business environment.
Key to the findings of this report was the study and review of the history of UPS. Founded in 1907 UPS has a rich culture of adaption and development. A key player in the history of the modern logistics marketplace UPS has posted many milestones that as well as signifying big changes to the company over time also serve to provide pivotal moments in the world wide transportation network which we see in the world about us today.
In order to support the investigation this report also looks at three academic...

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