Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy in Us

Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy in Us

Macroeconomic analysis and policy in US
1.1 Background
This assignment has been written because to develop our ability to analysis the macroeconomic issues in US and US conditions using the macroeconomic knowledge
1.2 Objectives
• Macroeconomics condition in US,

• The statistic analysis of personal saving by the data from 1990 to 2009 under the help of application of Microsoft excel

• The government polices that meet to the macroeconomic issue.

1.3 Scope

This assignment it is not examine the definition of some financial word or appearance but also to asked to relation to the fact in US.



.Macroeconomic is mean that economic system such as a whole country or area of world..

The macrocosmic can consist of four points .There are inflation, economic increasing, unemployment and balance of payment.

I is stands for investment

G is stands for government expenditure

X is stands for export expenditure

S is stands for net saving

T is stands for net taxes

M is stands for import expenditure

When the total income comes from a firm, then it flow to households .between them, it will spent by the factor payment. The money though the households than have a process to withdrawals.., this outflow stop at banks, government or change to aboard.After this step. Money continues inflow back to firms. On another way, money goes back to firms directly by consumption of produced goods.

In equilibrium, withdrawals equal to injection. The circular stays the same size. , if injection less than withdrawals. The circular turn growth, thereby trends to the economic prosperity. If injection greater than withdrawals, the circular flow shrinks. Thereby appear recession.

In other word, if inflow more than outflow. The economic will appear surplus, if not .it will have deficit.

2.2 US macroeconomics conditions

2.2.1 Inflation

Inflation refers to in a market the...

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