Macroeconomic Benefits for Companies and Employees

Macroeconomic Benefits for Companies and Employees

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• Economic growth.
• Economies of scale where all factors of production will be used more efficiently
• Productivity gains
• Less wastage of resources
• Reduction of congestions cost
• Mauritius can emerge as a model in the region and gain a competitive edge for investment
• Will facilitate growth of companies and knowledge and idea sharing and promotion of best practices
• An economy functioning 24/7 will bring more economic activities round-the-clock like shopping, entertainment, support services, transportation and so on. This will act as a snowball effect where demand will pull supply and vice-versa
• Outsourcing of business to Mauritius
• Greater contribution of women to the economy due to flexible working hours

For employees

• Greater flexibility, Convenience.
• Increased personal empowerment
• A perceived increase in autonomy
• salary increases because of shift differential
• ability to take up a second/ part-time job
• Closer proximity with family
• Balance in family life and professional activities
• Frees up time for childcare, and allows for more recreation during daylight hours.
• Parents of young children - reduced stress, better childcare arrangements, better domestic management, lower childcare costs, lower absenteeism
• Less antisocial behaviour because of better parenting, fewer skills shortages
• Less stress to reach office before 8.45 a.m. and improvement in morale
• Improved quality of life
• -Better career planning

For employers

• Ability to blend expertise across space
• lower overhead costs and real estate savings
• Companies will be able to retain employees
• Reduction in absenteeism


• Innovative working practices can emerge to suit requirements of many people
• Rapid adoption of latest technologies by companies to meet demands
• Boost...

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