Madame Curie

Madame Curie

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Madame (Marie) Curie 1867 - 1934

Marya Salomee Sklodowdka nick named Manya better know to by Marie, became the world famous Madame Curie. She spent many years in France hence the name change, but was born in Poland of Polis descent from the city of Warsaw, on November 7, 1867. She was the youngest of five, four girls and a boy, but what lay ahead for this child could not have been anticipated. Through the ups and downs something magical happened. (P24&25) (good introduction)
Manya’s parents were both from families of minor Polish nobility, who had been stripped of their lands and political powers after the defeat of Poland by Czarist Russia. Her mother Bronislava and father Wladyslaw ere from highly educated families, (new sentence here) her other was resigned to teaching and her father a true scientist, was headmaster of the public school where he also taught. Marie Curie wrote that “her father was cheated out of what might have been an outstanding career in science by Russian Occupation.” The author speaks of the occupation of Poland and the oppression of Polish education and history and the difficulties of their lives as a result (P20&21)
The author chronicled Manya’s (Marie) family life, the youngest child, she and her siblings each very bright, academically, but she was brilliant. (awkward sentence) She read at a very early age. Education was stressed rigorously in her family. At a very young age it became clear that her mother was not well. She coughed constantly a sign of tuberculosis in that era, her mother not wanting to spread the disease to her children, showed little affection to her youngest daughter, which affected her in a profound way. Her mother and two sisters later die her mother of TB and her sisters of Typhus. During that time she poured herself into academics, her only solace, and she excelled at everything. (P 25, 27,29) (good information,...

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