Denice Yrra Ramin M. Yango
Block 4H1- International Business

Made For China

Made in China is anywhere, actually its everywhere right now. Whether its your laptop, cellphone, television, electronic gadgets, food, clothing, name it, Made in China is everywhere around us, it is like oxygen that became a part of life. Made in China products are mostly the low quality products that most of us indulge in buying because of its very low price. We buy this kind of items, because we know that we can save a lot from these products, but think of it, does Chinese people in China actually buys Made in China products. But based on the story, they prefer luxury items, places, any thing that will reflect their status in life to show off and glamour what they have, they even have personalized luxury stores! Really now, their own teapots made of Hermes, cmon, its Hermes,and guess what its made for China, when in reality, this Chinese are the one pirating and copying even their own products, they even have it in their different classes of replica, that sometimes you would actually believe that it is the really Hermes, because the difference cannot be seen.

Thinking of how the Chinese people love luxury and even demand those items to be personalized for their own race, how come they do low quality products export it to another countries and let those people swarm over the low prices products while them, they enjoy the luxury of buying prestige and status from what they have earned in giving away their own manufactured products. It is ironic to think that I usually hear that in order for a country to be prosperous, people from that nation should patronize their own or whatever they have, manufacture or produce, but in China’s situation, it is not it’s the other way around, they manufacture and export it and prefer westernized luxuries.

Also, thinking about it, luxury companies even satisfy what this Chinese people want, they even personalized their own line just for...