Magazines Review

Magazines Review

Review of “Seventeen Magazine” and “Health Magazine”

When people want to read a magazine there are many options in the market, two very popular are the Seventeen and Health magazines. Each is interesting in a peculiar way, as they inform and discuss different topics aiming special kinds of readers.

The content of Seventeen includes information about trends, celebrities, beauty and lifestyles. It also has a small section about life issues that explain too little, including worthless quizzes. The article length is brief so no topic is deeply explained, but the photographs have high quality emphasizing celebrity and clothing themes. It is well supported by advertising keen to reach the demographic of fourteen- to early-twenty-year-olds, either for men or women. It has little to read about life issues, however, if your interest are celebrities lifestyles this is the ideal choice.

On the other hand Health's topics range from deeply explained nutritional facts and practical recipes, to life issues such as stress, giving good advices. Also includes articles about fittness and exercise, but they are too difficult for untrained people. Articles have less pictures and are longer, which might be boring but include more analysis and certification of professionals. It is as well aimed for both sexes from sexteen years old. It gives little attention to celebrities and fashion however is useful to learn how to have a better and healthy life.

Finally, taking each evaluation into account I think that Health magazine has beter cuality of information and may help us to learn. Differently is Seventeen which concentrates in the life of the celebrities and trends and has lots of pictures. Both are interesting, the decision depends on the priorities of the reader.

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