Magic of Monsoons in Mumbai

Magic of Monsoons in Mumbai

Mumbai Monsoons are inextricably linked not just because of alliteration, there are many many memories associations.

After the scorching heat of seething summer of Mumbai, the millions here eagerly await the arrival of rejuvenating blessed rain drops of the early monsoon. As the heat starts lowering and the thermometer shows descent in temperatures ,one can hear the heaves of sighs of relief from all around.

This is the time when the street corners look busy roasting the crunchy munchy "Bhuttas" catering to all types of people –the rich & the poor, the young & not so old, the working Babus & college going youngsters. The air is filled with the spicy , limy, salty smell of the charcoal roasted ‘corn' wah!, so the monsoon has atlast arrived .

Monsoon is the musty time for the kids – they are seen splashing in the reddy muddy poodles or pot holes on the streets away from the spying eyes of their grandmas (the mamas being away at offices.)

Monsoon is the time for some to display varieties of umbrellas, raincoats ,rain suits & rain shoes. As Pappas &mamas enter the threshold , from the kitchens arrive the aroma of yummy –yummy batta vadas or pakodas (for grandma knows her children love them ahot steamy tea !)

Monsoon is the time when you see two love birds under one umbrella –singing sweet nothings to each other( Perhaps next monsoon is under another umbrella!)

Monsoon speciality is with the onset of the rains the romantic aroma of the wet soil rises in the air and fills the air &lulls our parched nostrils. Green carpets are seen everywhere with captivating colorful flowers – Ah !It is Eden on Earth. The whole nature seems to sing & dance with green foliage- with it dance our spirits to great heights .

But the ugly face of the monsoon is too unforgettable .The low lying flooded areas, the submerged subways, the collapsed countless huts ,the stand-still transport ,Oh no the list is endless.


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