Magnum Sources of Brand Equity

Magnum Sources of Brand Equity

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Brand Awareness
This is based on the ability to be able to give brand recognition and recall to the Magnum brand
Brand Recognition:
Brand recognition is the consumer’s ability to confirm prior exposure to the brand when given the brand as a cue. Due to the famous brand ambassadors such as the model Ayaan, their really glitzy relaunch and their spending on advertising Magnum has a heavy brand recognition
Brand Recall:

Words such as luxury ice cream, Belgian chocolate and ice cream bar are able to produce strong recall for Magnum Ice Cream
Brand Elements:
Brand elements such as name, logo, font, packaging, color also help increase the brand awareness

Brand Image
This is the impression in the consumer’s mind of Magnum’s personality that has carefully been created through advertising, the consumers experience and other exposure that the consumers have had to Magnum ice cream.

Strength of Brand Association:
Magnum is now strongly associated with the word Belgian Chocolate. Belgian Chocolate has now become a household name due to the strong advertising that Magnum had been doing. The term luxury, royal ice cream also has a strong association.
Favorability of Brand Association:
The favorability of the brand association is what the consumers favor in the brand. This includes the Belgian chocolate, the flavor, the richness, the luxury element and exclusiveness element
Uniqueness of Brand Association:
The uniqueness of the brand is produced by its USP. The USP of Magnum ice cream is that it is a “luxury vanilla ice cream bar covered by rich Belgian chocolate”. This is what differentiates it from all other ice creams.

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