Maintaining Accountability

Maintaining Accountability

´╗┐Spc Nestler

Essay on accountability

26 January 2010

Having the proper gear is essential to the survival and training of every

soldier, marine, airman, and sailor in the United States military. If a soldier

cannot maintain accountability of his or her equipment in a garrison

environment; then how can a leader expect him or her to maintain their gear in a

combat environment; when that particular piece of gear may be needed to save

the life of a fellow soldier.

The fact is, the proper accountability and maintenaince of gear, which we

as combat ready soldiers rely upon to stay alive and physically fit, is recoming a

rampant plague upon the lower enlisted personnel as well the more "combat

complacent" non commissioned officers and officers. Combat complacency is

where officers and non commissioned officers maintian the "I've been to combat

so I know exactly what I'm doing so I do not need to train" attitude. As leaders of

soldiers, we have a responsability and a charge to train and lead soldiers into

combat, and feel confident that we have done a good enough job training the

soldier so they will perform their duties under the stress of combat. How can a

leader train and prepare soldiers for combat when they do not have

accountability of their proper gear for the given tasks of training?

Here is an example, there is a range for qualification on the M16 carbine,

and soldiers do not bring their Army Combat Helmets. Can those soldiers safely

perform the training on the given task? The answer is most deffinatly NO!

Soldiers that are not properly prepared to train cannot be prepared for

combat conditions and reacting under fire. Soldiers that are not properly trained

and prepared for combat can be a burden to the soldiers that are properly

trained. The reason I say this is because a fully trained and combat ready

soldier has to pick up the slack because his...

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