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maintaining individual excellence

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you formulate a framework for achieving and maintaining individual excellence for your life and list what skills you have or need to develop further.
Construct a Force Field Analysis, similar to Figure 11.1 found on p. 268 in Ch. 11 of Managing of Human Service Programs, using the following list of interrelated and interdependent elements of human service functions.
 List your personal driving and restraining forces as well as your current position and desire for each of the following conditions:
         Managing the environment
         Planning and program design
         Organizational design
         Human resource development
         Supervision
         Financial management
         Information systems
         Program evaluation
         Leadership and organizational change
Examine and express how each of Peter Senge’s Five Disciplines has meaning to you. Conduct a self-assessment of your skills for growth in each of the five disciplines:
         Personal Mastery: personal growth and learning
         Mental Models: deeply held images about how the world works
         Shared Vision: alignment of personal visions
         Team Learning: using dialogue to address difficult issues
         Systems Thinking: a conceptual framework for integrating the other four disciplines by observing patterns and seeing how to change them
Include at least fivecitations.

The Individual excellence does not happen in a shorten time. Excellence takes a great deal of planning, time, and thoughts to reach the goals of excellence (Forester, J. 1987). In this research paper, I will formulate a framework for maintaining and achieving individual excellence for my life and list the some skills I need or have to develop further. The papers first part is a field of force analysis listing my personal restraining and driving forces as well as...

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