Maintaining Professional Communication Skills

Maintaining Professional Communication Skills

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In today's worforce, it is imperative to maintain professional communication skills. This project gave me the opportunity to demonstrate and analyze my listening techniques. Today, I chose to examine the conversation between myself and my mother. We had a discussion regarding the film "The Last King of Scotland". I also analyzed the conversation that took place at my office with my supervisor, regarding the implemntation of a new server. Both exchanges took aproximately 5 minutes to complete.

During the first conversation with my mother, I felt very relaxed. We discussed the main characters of the movie, Forrest Whitaker and James McAvoy. I maintained eye contact for 5 to 10 seconds at a time, as I leaned back in my chair. My facial expression during the conversation was a smile. The conversation went smoothly with my mother because I have a high level of comfortablity with her. My behavior during the conversation was appropriate given our relationship.

The second conversation I analyzed was with my supervisor. I was uncomfortable and nervouse during this conversation. We discussed whether or not we should implement a corporate server with in the office. My position was in opposition of the acquisition. I was sitting forward with my legs and arms crossed. Through out the conversation, I was looking down at the desk. My behavior during the conversation was inappropriate given it is in a professional setting. I should have looked my supervisor in the eyes and not touched my face. My sitting position was not in an attractive manner.

This activity has given me some insight into my strengths and weaknesses with my professional communication skills. One of my weak points was not maintaing eye contact. This did not express to the speaker that I was recieving the information. Also I should have sat forward during the first conversation. This would have noverbally expressed to the speaker of my sincere interest in the conversation. I...

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