Maize Milling Plant Heating Methods

Maize Milling Plant Heating Methods

During maize milling plant operation, there are various sections. Different maize products need to be processed by different processing sections of maize milling plant. And many maize products need heating treatment in processing, and then we can adopt drying machine. Now let’s analyze maize milling plant heating methods.

1. Maize milling plant heating methods adopt high efficiency directed radiation to heat material in the form of electromagnetic infrared wave. The electromagnetic wave which generates from the heat source is repeatedly absorbed, reflected and stimulated by the intermediate absorber and the reflector, then it forms into heat photon beam. The heat photon beam can generate thermal energy in the heated material molecule high speed vibration and rotation. It has realized multilayer synchronization heating from material inner layer to outer layer. And this can effectively utilize energy.

2. MAIZE MILLING PLANT heating methods adopt unit multipoint control technology and can automatically control radiation flux for each unit. This helps to realize the control of radiation flux for the heating material’s crosswise points. According to the set value of control system, it can reach accurate temperature control and solve the temperature difference caused by the environment.

3. Due to small thermal inertia of corn drying machine, it has the features of strong absorption ability, high heat release efficiency and rapid warming and cooling rate, which can save energy effectively.

4. Maize milling plant lifespan is substantially raised due to the hot raw material good quality. It adopts advanced technology and high quality raw material, which can avoid the problem of longitudinal short circuit and terminal arcing and oxidation. Therefore, the maize milling plant lifespan can exceed any other electric heating products.  

There are various maize milling plant heating methods, and for different corn products we need different heating methods. In...

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