Maize peeling machine rural market condition and glitch analysis

Maize peeling machine rural market condition and glitch analysis

MAIZE PEELING MACHINE rural market condition and glitch analysis:

Although the Maize Peeling Machine is developing more and more quickly, it fades out the rural market in China. Now let's analyze this phenomenon.

Farmers' overall living level improves. Corn products from small scale of corn processing, such as MAIZE PEELING MACHINE, can not meet their requirements for the bad flavor and taste. So many of them give up processing by themselves but going to shop to choose corn products. The grain planting structure is also changing. Farmers have more requirement standard for grains. Many of them don't store grains any more. Besides, the corn processing cost is higher and higher.

From the above, we can see that many farmers from the rural area have less Maize Peeling Machine. On the other view, this is also a chance or market potential for us. We should grasp the chance and make more farmers learn about the corn processing machines. The equipment that fades out the rural market is the low end one, maybe what we should do next step is to research and develop higher end equipments needed for more farmers.

The Common Glitch of Maize Peeling Machine

Maize Peeling Machine is one important maize processing machine and is used in maize flour milling section. In the operation of this machine, there has some common glitch. Now let's talk about what common glitch it may have and how we should deal with it.

1. The maize flour produced by the machine has too high temperature. For this glitch, we can adjust the gap of the grinding roller and make it more loose. Keep regular maintenance or change. Especially in the summer, we need to keep the heat dissipation.

2. The maize flour output is less or there has no maize flour output from the machine. Then we can check the sieve mesh. It may be blocked.

3. If the MAIZE PEELING MACHINE is normal, but the flour yield reduces. Now we should check the grinding roller or the grinding tooth. If there has abrasion,...

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