Major Changes in the World Economy

Major Changes in the World Economy

Global Economy

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In the past couple of years we have learned how fragile the world economy really is and how really affects the United States as well as every other country. Did you know that over 5 million homes went into foreclosure just in 2009? Each country has dealt with it in different ways but each stock market relies on the other market. Do we really know what is going to happen? There are so many factors that have driven the markets and the economies to where they are now. Within the United States, the loss of jobs and many large companies have moved their manufacturing facilities to other countries. It amazing to see what factors have pushed this economy and others to where they are now, but when it comes to jobs you will see how they have disappeared from this country and moved to another.

The World economy has gone through some major changes in the last two years; it seems that the United States has been the hardest hit. With the loss of jobs and the United States actually importing more than exporting, it is making it harder for America to keep up with other countries making goods. If the United States is making fewer goods and brings more goods in from other countries, this basically means that, more jobs are outside the country. With more companies within the United States moving the manufacturing part of their operation out of the country but keeping the management part of it in the US, its taking away the jobs that would be here and moving them to a country where they can find cheaper labor. One of the arguments from the large companies is that these are jobs that Americans do not want. (AFL-CIO 2010) The response to that now is that this country has so many people out of work and would do anything for a job. We have people that are being turned down for jobs at McDonalds and Wal-Mart because they are over qualified. Companies are learning that people are very willing to do anything and are not being selective...

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