Make Full Use of Pump of Drilling Rig

Make Full Use of Pump of Drilling Rig

As we all know, the slurry pump is the essential equipment during drilling operation. Slurry pump can flush the sediment or other debris accumulated around the drill, and also can effectively reduce the high temperature which is produced in the drilling process of drilling rig because of friction. In a word, slurry pump is an effective assistant to drilling rig. So, how to make full use of slurry pump?

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Slurry pump’s displacement is calculated by the liters that are displaced per minute, and it is related to the rinses’ returning speed from the bottom of the hole required by the hole diameter, and namely, the larger the aperture is concrete mixing plant ready mix concrete plant, the greater the displacement is. Rinses’ returning speed can flush the rock powder promptly off the bottom of the hole, and carry them to the ground surface. For example, during geological core drilling, the returning speed is on average at about 0.4-1m per minute.

And slurry pump’s pressure size depends on the depth of the hole, the flushing fluid’s resistance, when it does through channels and the conveying flushing fluid’s properties, etc. The deeper the borehole is, the bigger the pipeline resistance is, and the greater the needed pressure is. As the change of hole’s diameter and depth, requirement of pump’s displacement can be adjusted at any time, and in the pump body, there is equipped with the gearbox or hydraulic motor to adjust the speed, in order to achieve the goal of changing displacement.

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