Make Them Learn

Make Them Learn

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Make Them Learn : An Innovation In Teaching

Mukesh Srivastava, Faculty Member
Department of Information Technology,
INC, ICFAI University, Dehradun
e-mail :


Training at higher levels like MBA and other professional courses should be done as a fisherman trains his kids for swimming. He does not teach them the basics of swimming but throws them directly into the water to learn swimming on their own by practical reflexes. Although, the fisherman makes sure that the kid does not drown. A person trained like that is more likely to become a great swimmer than one who undergoes a routine coaching. What is the difference …… the former was Trained while the latter was Taught.

The same approach can be adopted for training the students who are pursuing some professional studies using MTL (Make Them Learn) model. After all it is to be kept in minds …… we are training them to Run and not to Walk.


Teaching methodology has been changing since the time immemorial with the changing needs and objectives. Training at higher levels, where students are prepared for joining some industry of initiating some entrepreneur of their own, should be imparted in a different way. In most of the cases it is the post graduation level and students have already gone through almost 15 years of education based on conventional teaching. The revolution in the Communication and Information Technology has turned the world into a global village and requirements of this era expect innovative ideas in all the spheres of knowledge. In this context, the responsibility of a teacher has increased many folds. The teachers have to be more practical in their approach specially in professional education. The corporate sector has presented great demands for managerial skills. This need cannot be fulfilled only by class-room lectures and bookish knowledge. The students should have to be made more creative, analytical and decisive in...

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