Maketing Strategy

Maketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Report


I. Marketing Mix – The 4P’s

a. Product
1. USP [TAS technology]
2. Why set at 24 degrees Celsius?
3. Brand name
4. Brand logo
- Meaning of brand name and tagline
5. Design of the product
- Can hoodies make you look cool? Yes!
6. So why hoodies?
- Wants
- Needs

b. Price
1. Setting the price – Pricing Objective
2. Price Sensitivity

c. Place

d. Promotions
1. The message
2. Channels of communications
3. Communication objectives
4. Communication touch points
5. Communication Execution
* Launching show
* Mobile van promotion
* Online banner advertisement
* Print advertisement

II. Market Overview

a. Who are our targeted customers?
1. Satisfying consumer’s needs and wants in the casual apparel domain
2. Target consumer profile

III. Where do we fit in the casual apparel market?

IV. What can be learned from TOWS analysis?

V. How to position our brand in the minds of targeted customers

a. Brand value

Marketing Mix – The 4P’s

Product: Hoodies featuring sensible temperature adjustment system, TAS technology.

Unique Selling Point [patented TAS® technology]

TAS technology: TAS is an abbreviation for temperature adjustment system, which controls sensible temperature to be set at 24 degrees Celsius. Fabric is treated with Polyethylene Glycol, which helps to emit heat when outer temperature declines and absorb heat when outer temperature inclines.

Why set at 24 degrees Celsius?
24 degrees Celsius was recorded to be the most optimal sensible temperature for human body based on the survey conducted in Singapore.
* Sensible Temperature is not the temperature recorded on a thermometer, but the temperature as felt by the individual.

Brand Name: 2NT4

Brand Logo:

What is the meaning of 2NT4?
There are several meanings behind the brand name, 2NT4.
* 2NT4, sounds like...

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