Making Good Choices

Making Good Choices

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I think that I can benefit from participating in the Ladies Club in lots of different ways such as, learning how to understand other young ladies around me, being able to come together with someone I do not know and become a friend to them. I am willing to learn new things, and I would love to experience new things also. I am a open and fast learner and I want to learn as much as possible while attending the ladies club.

I would also love to learn about the things in life that can be accomplished by just being a lady. Most of my focus is on the confidence of having others there as a team working together towards a goal . I will probably have the opportunity to find out what is possibly in store for me in the future. I honestly think that this would be a good chance to receive encouragement in my school work, and also in my job skills to do better. The ladies club may be the perfect opportunity for me as a young lady, in terms of the real world and being prepared for the life of a grown woman.

In my own opinion I think that its possible for me to enhance the Ladies Club by being a good leader, and show others the right path if they aren’t sure which way to go. Also I want to inspire others in ways like being they’re own leader and working towards a goal and trying to succeed at all times. In addition to that being a role model in someone life may change a lot for them, as long as its in a good way, and I want to be that role model for someone that doesn’t have the confidence, willingness, drive, and love themselves at all times.
I’ve always wanted to attend the ladies club but I never signed up and I would enjoy the opportunity to work with some of my classmates, and friends as well.

By: Lasha Pickett

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