Making Peace at Thousand Oaks

Making Peace at Thousand Oaks

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Making Peacee

It was a stormy day in the quiet city of Thousand Oaks, when all of the sudden three well known super heroes appeared up in the sky. The whole town starred in awe as Peacee came flying from the East, Starr came from the North, and finally Rainboww came flying from the West. They were there to save the town from the terrible riot they were in with the neighboring town. The super heroes suddenly flew to the ground to introduce themselves to the town and discuss their powers and abilities.

Starr introduced herself to the towns people and informed them that she can make the stars come out at night, even if they are not shining. She also tells the town that her most powerful ability is flying and saving people who are in danger. She explains that her arch enemy is solider boy and that much of her free time goes to spending time with her boyfriend. She finishes introducing herself by telling the people that her secret identity name is Kelly. Following Starr’s introduction, Rainnbow and Peacee quickly tell the crowd their names and explain that the three of them are known as ‘the crew.’

The crew then asked the town what the riot is all about. One lady tells the crew that the riot was caused because the nearby town feels as if wearing the color black should be against the law. That town is trying to convince Thousand Oaks governor to pass this law, but the entire town is against it. Rainboww steps up and says, “You guys should be allowed to wear whatever color you wish to wear, although bright colors are much prettier!”

Starr listened to what the town had to say and then asked, “What can we do to help you guys fight your riot?” The entire crowd responded the same way. They began to shout, “Help us fight the other town away, so they do not feel welcome being anywhere near us.” The crew agreed to the town’s request and asked them when the neighboring town was planning their attack. A young boy tells the crew that they will be...

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