Making Public Health Policy and it's Effects

Making Public Health Policy and it's Effects

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Making Public Health Policy and its Effects


This paper addresses the issues of smoking cessation and why the smoking ban is a necessary component. Some notable examples of studies showing positive results based on the actions taken regarding smoking cessation. Some activities as well as methods to help those who are struggling to quit smoking are included.

Making Public Health Policy and its Effects
Most people in the United States do not want the government to make decisions for them. People believe that they have the right to do to or to put into their bodies anything they want and it is nobody’s business. It becomes everybody’s business when what they do put into their bodies infringes on the rights of others to not do it to their bodies. Such is the plight with smoking, and after years and years of a preponderance of evidence of the harm that smoking causes not just to the smoker but also to nonsmokers. Some action on a major scale had to be taken, hence the smoking ban.
Public health laws must examine evidence based policies in order to effectively legislate a prescription and provide direction for health care policy makers. There is a need to develop tools that will be made available for sound evidence based interventions. There is also the need to challenge the leadership to present increasingly more powerful policies to follow the previously or already established evidence based policies that are already working. However the private interest and the public health benefits must be weighed by the legislative body and perhaps the public health laws may have a stronger foundation to build on. The article legislating for health: Locating the evidence presents (Ray, Owens, Wong, 2010) “A Basic Programme Theory for legislative interventions is a process that involves three stages: 1. Identification and precise...

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