Making Sparks Fly

Making Sparks Fly

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Study Tips for Using Old Exams (Please read!) • Study for the exam first, from class notes, textbook, online homework, etc. before attempting an old exam for practice. • A key for the exam is not provided. This makes checking your answers (through consulting the text) an additional learning opportunity. • Not every question from an old exam is appropriate as the way the course is taught varies somewhat each semester. For the same reason, there may be questions on this semester’s midterm exam that were not included in the old exam. You are responsible for knowing what was covered in class regardless of the content of this old exam. • The format of this old exam is similar to what you will encounter this semester. The exam will still be multiple choice, for example, and formatted in two columns, etc. In spite of what the old coversheet says, graphing calculators are NOT permitted on this or any exam.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Sept. 20th, 2012

Fill in your BANNER number carefully. It will be to your advantage to answer all questions. Only one answer per question is allowed. Select the best answer from choices given. Use a #2 soft lead pencil. Erasures must be complete. Marks must blacken the entire space in the circle. Answer sheets must not be torn or have holes. This is a 100 point exam. THIS EXAM HAS 50 QUESTIONS. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EXAM IS COMPLETE. Answer number 1 – 50 on your answer sheet.

Reminder: You may use a calculator on this exam (either graphing or scientific), though you may not need one. There will be one or two calculators available at the front of the room for your use if you did not bring a calculator.

A key for this exam will be posted online shortly after the last exam is submitted.

Note: You may take this exam with you when you leave. If you mark your answers on this exam paper, you will be able to “grade” your exam against the posted key well before the official grades...

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