Maktabi Case

Maktabi Case

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What is the deal?
The Maktabi Group is proposing to the investors to invest 870 000$ that is spread over 2 years period. The capital investment has an approximate net present value of 1 100 000$ with a payback period of less than 2 years. The investors can earn an internal rate greater than 32% over the life of the project.
What is the opportunity?
To better the Egyptian business environment
To get into the market as pioneer in the online, catalogue and delivery office supplier
Briefly describe the business model:
Two groups of target market: consumers and businesses
Target market is composed of 35000 businesses and 15 million customers
The plan to reach the businesses is to create a team of salesman that will use an aggressive approach, they called it a salesman blitz
To reach the consumers (school children and parents, hobbyists and artists), they marketing stategy will be to inform the consumers about the company and the products.
Maktabi’s products will be organized in 2 categories: local and outsourced.
Majority of product will come from southeastern asia and some in Egypt.
Maktabi will have a partnership with a global transportation and distribution third-party logistics provider.
Information systems such as customer order processing, inventory management, warehouse management, accounting and sales representative monitoring and basic software requirements will be needed to implement the marketing and the operations of the company.

What are porter’s five forces and what are their rankings?
Bargaining power of customers which is moderate
Threat of substitute products which is high
Bargaining power of suppliers which is very low
Barriers to entry which is moderate to low
Current competitive threat which is moderate

What is SWOT Analysis and what is the result in this deal?
SWOT analysis is a planning method where you evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a company. You need to define your objective and...

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