Malaria and Primarily Involved Biology

Malaria and Primarily Involved Biology

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The first article I read was based on Malaria and primarily involved Biology.
Malaria, a leading cause of death in infants may eventually fade away. Scientist believe five simple things may knock out 90 percent of Malaria. Malaria is a deadly virus causing severe fevers followed by severe chills, nausea, pounding headaches, and extreme weakness.

In 1947 15,000 cases were reported in the United States. In 1951 that number was almost extinct. Only about 1,300 cases have been reported in the United States over the last year. However, the problem is not in the United States; it is countries in Africa and Asia. In 1955, the World Health Organization (WHO) spread chemicals and tried to stop the spread of malaria through mosquitoes. Many ask what happened. Scientist put their answer in a single word, everything. Mosquitoes quickly became immune to the chemical, and the chemical because ineffective. On top of that, mosquitoes began to reproduce more rapidly. In 1969, the WHO closed its doors.

In 2008, the WHO reopened once again. Something needed to be done in sub-Saharan Africa and quickly. Over 90 percent of all Malaria cases come from here. Scientist believe two children die of malaria every minute. The WHO has several accompanying people with it this time. Bill Gates gave $1 billion to fight malaria. The Global Fund also gave $2.5 billion. However, money will not be able to heal the problem on its own. Scientist have discovered five ways to help treat malaria.

If we use these five things and teach others to use them, scientist believe we can kill about 98 percent of all malaria. The first way is DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). This was the insecticide used the first round that did not work. Scientist say, it is has improved over the years. The second way is through Mosquito Nets, usually sold for $1. With the use of a Mosquito net, 44 percent of malaria deaths were reported. Third, better drugs, with new...

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