Maldives Tourism - History

Maldives Tourism - History

Maldives Tourism

The Maldives


For Maldivians, who love a good story, it is somehow fitting that the early history of the country is enshrined in myth and legend. There is the story of the Rannamaari, a tale about a sea monster than demands a virgin sacrifice every full moon, until a brave man from Morocco, Mr Abdul Barakaath-Ul Barbary decides to confront the monster and prohibit him from coming into the Maldives.

There is the story of Bodu Thakurufaanu, renowned for its length, who saved the Maldives from Portuguese Invaders. These stories, while very

much anecdotal, are based on the real facts that form the history of the country. Written accounts portray a Maldives whose people have traveled far and wide, adventurers whose geographical isolation had not limited the boundaries of their world. Maldives today remains very much like it had then – small, but not lacking;

isolated, but not invisible.

History of the brand

The Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) was founded in 1998. MTPB is responsible for promoting the tourism industry of the Maldives and carries out promotional activities across the globe. The main office of MTPB is in Malé, the capital of Maldives and it has a branch office in Frankfurt, Germany. It also has a Tourist Information Centre at the Malé International Airport’s arrival terminal. In addition MTPB has its Public Relations Agents for United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, China & Hong Kong.

Importance of tourism

▪ Accounts for more than US$6 trillion in global spending

▪ Generates 11.7% of global GDP

▪ Makes up 6% of world’s exports of goods and services

▪ Employs close to 200 million jobs in the world

▪ Strong catalyst for broader economic growth for LDCs

▪ Recovers fastest from crises

▪ Creates opportunities for interactions between people of different cultures and nationalities

About MTB

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