Male Female Comparison

Male Female Comparison

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MALE VS. FEMALE (block method)

In fight of between men and women have been continued from almost beginning of the universe. Both of them are think itself is superior. Altough they have a lot of individual differences, both of them can’t do without eachother. I’d like to share some information about physical and mental diffirences between man and woman.

Male people have some specific pysical personalities and mental activities which woman live with difficulties to understand them. Indeed they are very useful for mens’ life and almost whole of them come from genesis/creation.

For example male have roughly 4,5 litres blood in his body. Because of it men’s average blood pressure is 140/88. By the way male heart is larger and slow. Hearthbeat average is 72 per minute On the other hand, men’s body odor is very strong as same as the physic. So they are aggressive that tend to use physical force. The explanation about this is connected to the testosterone.Males body temperature is high.

As men has heart , of course also feelings. Mens feelings and emotions are not coplicated. If they feel something, usually they say it directly or they choose talk nothing about it. Actually they feel, they must solve all problems.Until that solve the problem, they don’t like talking. They love to look strong everytime and eveywhere. Despite of generally known men are so emotional creatures but they do not success to show it. As we said they do not like show, indeed, man like woman instinctly. Finally men talk with 7000 words in daily but it is not enough for woman anytime.

Female people have some interesting individul specialites. First of all they are very beautiful and elegant creatures. They usually use their special features as we told about. At the beginning we talk about some physical features of females.

Firstly they have roughly 3,5 litres blood in their body and their average blood pressure is 130/80. Although their...

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