male rape

male rape

Male Rape


Thesis: Rape is a crime, but the lack of both empathy and resources currently make it harder to help males who are raped.
The differences between male and female rape
a. Male Rape
i. Statistics
b. Female Rape
c. How cultures see rape for both genders
i. The source of the problem: sexism
II. What can be done
A. How people who have been raped can get help
B. What society can do to fix the problem

Male Rape
At 17 years old, a young man once picked up a hitchhiker outside of a Walmart out of the kindness of his heart. He wanted to be a good person, so he was willing to take the man outside of town. On the way to their destination, the hitchhiker sexually assaulted the young man. After dropping the man off, the young man was so ashamed of what happened that instead of going to the police or to the hospital, he just tried to forget it. The next day, the young man broke down and cried at work. He left work early. When he told his friends what happened, they told him he should go to the police or the hospital. However, the young man thought there was no reason to go to the police; he didn’t remember what the man looked like, and he thought there was no way to prove what had happened to him. He never went to a doctor out of fear and shame. He blamed himself for what happened; because he picked up the hitchhiker, he let himself be hurt like that. The young man went into a deep depression because he refused to get help. About six months after he was sexually assaulted, the young man killed himself because he had no way of getting over what happened to him.
Rape is problem that plagues America. It happens to many types of people, regardless of if they are male or female, young or old. Rape destories the lives of victims and their loved ones. To compound the problem, people often treat victims of this crime with ignorance, and in many cases, they treat males worse. Many people treat male victims as...

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